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Protect your boat in the off-season! Are you looking for boat storage in Denver NC? We offer the most secure facilities in the area and will keep your boat safe from the elements and theft.

Storing your boat is a great way to keep it protected and running for as long as you own it. Protecting your boat in the off-season is essential for your safety and the safety of your boat as well. Many problems can arise in the off-season if your boat is left in the water and unattended. Things like blistering on the hull or corrosion can occur when your boat is left in the water during those long winter months. Small cracks can form and expand as the temperature gets below freezing causing slow leaks to become large leaks leaving your boat underwater. Inclement winter weather such as snow, strong winds, or rising water conditions can all cause severe damage to your boat as well.

The cold isn’t the only thing that can cause damage to your boat. UV rays from the sun can crack and fade the exterior of your boat as well. Small pests such as bugs and rodents can take up residence in your boat during the winter months to avoid the cold. This usually is left unnoticed until you go to take your boat out when the weather warms up.

All of these problems can ultimately cost you more than what you would pay to store your boat. Our facility offers easy drive up access, covered storage space, 24-hour surveillance, storage insurance, coded gate entry, and flexible lease terms. We offer the most secure facilities in the area. Whether you have a fishing skiff or a catamaran, you need a boat storage facility you can trust. Protect your boat from the elements and call us today at 704-489-8959.


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